Monday, August 27, 2012

Fab Finds! - Coldwater Creek Edition

Happy Monday! This week starts a series where I'm going to show you some fab finds from places you might not usually shop. What triggered this series is the lace top of mine in the outfit below:

It's a lovely lace tank from Coldwater Creek. Coldwater Creek?!?! Isn't that the store where women of a certain age shop for figure forgiving outfits? (think Bea Arthur in "Golden Girls") Well, yes it is. But my point is there are some gems in that mine, you just have to look. The best part is that when you shop in the stores that aren't in the radars of everyone else in your demo, you may just find something really unique at a price that's right.

So today I'm going to begin with some picks from Coldwater Creek:
 Left to right - Animal Instinct Blouse
Paisley No-Iron Shirt (how great would this be with some coral skinny jeans?)
Left to right - Abstract Jacket
What do you think?  Have you checked out any "off the radar" stores lately?
Tommorow we will check out another store!


  1. I totally agree with you! I am forever going to stores that wouldn't typically have "my kind of stuff" looking for finds.
    Good for you.

  2. Great series idea! I've never shopped at Coldwater Creek before, but I'm definitely impressed with these finds. I especially love that cute pencil skirt!

  3. These are all such great finds! Loving that linen jacket!


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