Monday, July 30, 2012

Recent Purchases

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I watched a lot of Olympic action (mixed in with a few episodes of Hoarders - why do I do that?  It's usually upsetting and I just don't know why I torture myself).  Anyway did you catch any of the women's gymnastics last night?  My heart was breaking for Jordyn Wieber.  Of course that's what makes the Olympics compelling, the highs and the lows - really it's all about the competitor's stories. 

Moving on, I wanted to share a few purchases that I made while I was m.i.a.  A little background, I have a rather strict budget and generally I don't make a lot of extraneous purchases.  Certainly not like the pre-kid and working full time days when I had a lot more wiggle room in the "wants" part of the budget.  Ahhh, memories.  Well, I had just signed up to BaubleBar (when you sign up you get a $10 credit!  So if you haven't signed up yet head on over and do it!).  My friend emailed me a blog post (which I can't find so I can't give a proper shout out) that featured this skull bracelet from BaubleBar!
Aren't they so cute?  And at $20 each not too bad, but remember I had a $10 credit so it would only be $10! Sold!  I got the blue and silver one second from the bottom. And I love it!

I also had a $25 Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket so I (finally) got the Alexander McQueen book from the Savage Beauty exhibit at The Met.  Let me just say this is one gorgeous book, worth every penny (which was only $6.50 after using my gift card)!
I'm seeing a bit of a skull trend here...hmmm.

I'd say all of this was $16.50 well spent! 

Images via BaubleBar and Amazon respectively


  1. I am not a skull person usually but I love your braclets!

  2. I love Bauble Bar, and those bracelets are so fun! I watched gymnastics last night too and felt so bad for Jordyn Wieber. I admired the way she praised her teammates in the interview after--what a mature response. I knew her heart was broken!

  3. Great buys! Really cute bracelet and that book looks amazing!

  4. I'm pretty much addicted to the Olympics at the moment (it's on 24-7)! I adore those beautiful bracelets... off to check them out now!

  5. I love the skull bracelets! I would love to be able to stack a whole bunch of them just like in the picture!,


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