Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Five - Donna Karan Resort 2013

Hi!  I'm back, we had a crazy, whirlwind travel weekend and I had to play catch up yesterday.  My little girl turned 4 this past week and it's so hard to believe.  She's not a toddler anymore, she's a little girl (with very strong opinions too - eek!).  Anyway let's get back to the 2013 Resort collections.  What I love about looking at the Resort lines is that it's sort of a crystal ball into what's going to be bridging Winter into Spring.  So take note of colors and lines and see what you can pick up this year (on sale maybe?) that will still be super-relevant and on trend next year! 

Let's talk about Donna Karan shall we?  This collection was chock full of dressy getups with her signature tailored draping.  She can make a structured blazer look like a cozy wrap.  That's what I love about her, her clothes are grown up, pulled together yet totally not stiff or stuffy.  She gets it!  Here are my many picks, enjoy!

Images via Style.com


  1. Aww, happy birthday to your little girl! I love these picks, especially that stunner of a hot pink dress!

  2. Welcome back! I'm loving #2 & #4. Polished and a bit edgy, too.

  3. Happy birthday to your girl!! Hope you guys had a nice celebration!


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