Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dior Resort 2013 Inspired by Prada Spring 2001? (update)

*just received an Anonymous comment below that the Dior print is from Dior 50's Couture dress (I wish I could find a picture for confirmation). So maybe Prada was influenced by Dior or maybe it was just a coincidence?  The saga continues...

Just a follow up to my picks from Christian Dior's Resort 2013 collection from earlier today, I noticed that the one print in the collection reminded me A LOT of the print from Prada's Spring 2001 collection.  And while yes, I do have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Prada collections (and SpongeBob cartoons) this print was pretty much in every ad for the brand and editorial - so it's not obscure.  Dior's isn't an exact copy by any means (there's more white space) but jeez it's awfully close.  This isn't lawsuit material or anything and Lord knows as a fabric designer I see designs that are "cousins of" like this constantly, designs that have different artwork, yet give off the same feel/effect.  What do you think?  Is it too close?  Does it even matter since it's been over a decade since Prada's print debuted?

Christian Dior Resort 2013

Prada Spring 2001

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  1. Very interesting. They most likely buy from the same mills but it is strange no one caught it!

  2. oh how interesting! could be!

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  3. actually the print is from a vintage Dior haute couture dress from the 1950s

    1. Ahh good to know! The tables are now turned ;o) Would love to see a picture of the dress. Nothing better than vintage Dior couture!


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