Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Five - Christian Dior Fall 2012

I'm not going to lie, I've been hard on the house of Dior since the departure of Galliano (after his boneheaded meltdown - jerk).  I was a huge fan of Galliano's way of fusing the past with the future while always keeping the essence of what the Dior brand is.  After he was shown the door things went way downhill.  But the tides have turned with this collection, at least in my mind.  Bill Gaytten and his team seem to have found their footing.  The ballet inspired collection was very "Dior" and that made my heart sing.  The color palette was so lux. You know how some colors come off as garish and cheap, but with a tweak suddenly turn into something that seems so posh that you want to run out and get everything you can in those colors?  Well this collection did that for me.  I love the dove greys, the soft peaches (not 1980's peach!), that muted purple that is so elegant.  I want to wear nothing but these colors this fall.  Here are my many picks, enjoy!
This picture really embodies the color mix in this collection that rocked my world.

This fabric is fab-u-lous, it appears to be some sort of mohair damask deal.  I wish I could see it up close.  The fuzzy, matte with the shine is fabulous.  And I'm not even going to address that necklace that I want NOW!

I need this dress.  Just to wear.

 The ballet slipper inspired shoes.  LOVE!

Another great example of color mix.

Subtle large-scale houndstooth created with textures.  Amazing!

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  1. What a lovely collection! Don't those colors just seem so quintessentially French? I am madly in love with those shoes!

  2. i agree with you....i'm enjoying this muted palette. but most of all the SHOES! adorbs.

  3. i like these colors more than the collection this time around

  4. Oh I love all the textures! The colors are very neutral but the textures are just amazing! Love that handbag!

  5. These soft, dusty colors are divine! I love the clothes, but it's the gorgeous color palette that stands out to me.

  6. Ah...the first photo really gets me too! Love the pastels and grays. So posh and Beautiful!


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