Monday, May 21, 2012

My Five - Bottega Veneta Resort 2013

A very nice, sleek collection with an almost muted color palette.  What I mean by "muted" is that the colors are strong, but they aren't in-your-face.  Lots of yellow, mint green, peach and a hit of purple along with the usual black.  What I find very interesting (from a design point of view) is that Tomas Maier begins his design process with color.  Interesting, because while I usually start with pattern and/or texture, a color palette really does set a "mood".  It creates a feeling and thus ideas about how things should look.  I love learning about other designers and their creative processes.  Anyway, here are my picks:

 Point to ponder - how do you feel about a tracksuit?  Are we ready for tracksuits again?
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  1. Great picks! I am Loving the shoes!

  2. I love the first three you chose. The coat in the second one is gorgeous!!


  3. Very nice! I think the first one is my favorite...I'm loving white lately!

  4. I absolutely adore Bottega Veneta. The bags, the clothes-- I especially love the muted yellow in the first picture. Those shoes are amazing! Thanks for the design tidbit, too.

  5. Not sure about a track suit with heels! But I gotta say, I love that track suit. With my converse. ;)


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