Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Five - Donna Karan Fall 2012

A very menswear inspired collection with lots of pinstripes.  Of course Donna mixed razor sharp tailoring with lovely draping and folding, it's what she does best.  I really loved the mixture of the fabric textures along with the pops of red and that golden/green/yellow that can be bold as well as a neutral at the same time.  Here are my (6) picks:

 Loving the shoes too!

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  1. The hats are a little weird for me, but everything else is a hit. I love that perfectly tailored red blazer!

  2. really love the hats and 2st and 4th looks. definitely outfits i would wear.

  3. LOVE this...the razor sharp tailoring is bold and striking. the red blazer outfit is FABulous!


  4. Oh goodness. I was prepared to comment on the clothes, but those shoes! Oh, those shoes!

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  5. I hadn't seen this collection! Thanks for sharing, and always commenting,

  6. That last pair of shoes...seriously...SWOON!


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