Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Five - Chanel Couture Spring 2012

This collection was all about blue, black and boatnecks set in a futuristic airplane.  And Karl says air is blue so there's the connection.  I don't really know if air is blue per se, but hey, SpongeBob's pants aren't technically square so I won't split hairs.  Whatever.  You know some girl I went to college with won a fabric design competition for a Russian airline.  So her fabric is in some Russian airplanes.  Random thought that popped into my head.  Just call this post "Jenny's Potpourri".  Here are my picks:

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  1. Not your typical Chanel, no? But seriously, cannot do anything wrong can they? The bright blue dress (#2) divine!!!

    Chanel ..oh Chanel xo xo


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