Friday, February 24, 2012

Friend Friday - Blogging Tools

I'm joining up with Katy over at Modly Chic for this month's FBFF.  This month's questions have to do with what tools we use for blogging. 
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

1.  What are the tools you use to blog?

I swear I'm the most low tech blogger out there (see that's me above, ha!).  I used to use our old Dell laptop - painfully slow, but we just got a pretty sweet Samsung desktop that I'm using now.  The main tool is Blogger, it's so easy to use.  I read and comment on blogs on my iPad.  I don't have an iPhone and my Blackberry is ancient so no on-the-go blogging/posting.  I have a Sony point and shoot digital camera that is a pain to use (that's why my outfit posts are few and far between).  Pinterest is a great tool as is Picnik - though since it's shutting down, I'm investigating the photo editing alternatives.

2.  What technology item is on your wish list?

#1 - iPhone and #2 - a better camera.  I also would like to have Photoshop.  I wish I could figure out how to post on my iPad - I just can't get it to work from there at all.  Anyone figure out how to do it that uses Blogger?

3. Through the barrage of posts, tweets, pics, poses, messages, do you avoid becoming a slave to the constant infiltration of information?

This is tough, it can become consuming if you let it.  Getting the iPad has helped tremendously, I literally could not keep up without that gadget (I'm sure an iPhone or any smartphone is the same way).  It has eased all my social media stress.  I also have my posts automatically posted on my personal and blog's Facebook pages, haven't figured out how to do that with Twitter though.  I focus on just a few of the social media tools and I use them regularly - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  I would rather do just a few well so I don't spread myself too thin.

Make sure you head over to Modly Chic to check out what everyone else's answers are!


  1. I'm the same way--pretty low tech too! I have an iphone, but I don't think I've really learned to use it in a way to help me be more blog-efficient. I mostly use my desktop computer to blog and comment on blogs. I'd also love to get a better camera, but I can't seem to fit it into my budget! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels low tech!

  2. haha finally someone as low tech as me! I didn't include all my social media tools because well those don't get a post done... I think I got the homework assignment wrong but oh well. Love the pic :)

  3. just making sure you're ok! i heard you guys had really bad weather.

  4. STILL don't have an IPad, but this just fueled my need for one. So glad to know about Picnik shutting down. If you do find good options, I'd love to know..Thanks!


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