Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vera Wang's New LA Home

As promised, here's a peek inside Vera Wang's Los Angeles mid-century modern home which was built in 1967.  Wang tapped LA designer Steve Hermann for a 3 year renovation of the home.  It's modern and sophisticated, just like Vera.  Check it out:

This woman is 62!  She looks amazing!

Her closet filled with her signature black and grey hues.

Images via Harper's Bazaar, photographed by Douglas Freidman - click here for the interview and story.


  1. OMG look at that closet!! Gorgeous home!!

  2. She is 62?????
    Her legs look better than mine and I am 20 yrs younger. Dang it!
    I like her fashion style but the home is a little too cold for me.

  3. Shut the front door! Beautiful house! And that closet...Love!

  4. beautiful home!!! love the clean and simple lines and decor. and she is in fabulous shape, too.



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