Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick little update...

I apologize for sort of phoning things in for the past week, I'm right in the thick of a major work project and have been traveling along with getting back in the groove of life post-holiday while at home.  We had a great time in Chicago visiting family over Christmas (but I did discover that I'm quickly reaching John Madden-like levels in my fear of flying - anyone else struggling with this fear?).  I got some great goodies/deals which I'll share later on in a post.  Discovered some super cool apps, which I'll also share in a post.  In the meantime here's what I'm digging right now:

I just started this book (a little late to the game, I know):
I'm watching The House of Anubis (seasons 1-3 are free on iTunes right now).  I'm in my 30's watching some cheesy teen show about a mystery at a boarding school in England.  Embarrassing, but it's entertaining, badly acted, but entertaining.
Source: nick.com via Jenny on Pinterest

Totally digging Hilary Rhoda's outfit:

And I'll always love Dolly Parton, here's a quote from this week's US Weekly Magazine that I love:
Someone asked her "Are you the real Dolly Parton?"  Dolly said, "There's no such thing!" (referring to her extensive plastic surgery)

She's so funny! 

Hope you all are having a good week!


  1. I have a fear of flying as well. So much that my doctor prescribed meds for me to take when flying when I worked for Reynolds. I used to have to fly all the time. Thank God no more of that! Funny about John Madden...I didn't know that. I did read once though that 90's alternative music star Matthew Sweet had a very serious fear of flying that hindered his music career...I don't know why I remember that...hahaha Can't wait to hear about your Chicago trip!

  2. I Love the Dolly quote. She was really beautiful and still looks great!


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