Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Five - Hermes Spring 2012

Beautifully strong collection.  I wanted to see more handbags though ('cause I'm a Hermes junkie, like that).  Here are my picks:

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  1. I love that first look including her strong bangs.
    Hope all is well with you.

  2. glad you're back! and an hermes bag is on my dream wishlist.

  3. That purple and navy number is glorious!

  4. These are just gorgeous! The first one is my Fave!

  5. I'm in love....the orange/tangerine is magnificent!!

    Doesn't that hue make almost anyone look more cheerful?

    Happy New Year Jenny to you & to your family. I hope it's going to be a terrific 2012. It's uphill all the way for us all I pray!!!

    xo Deb

  6. I'm not as familiar with this Designer as some of the others you feature but I love these picks! So stunning! The colors/patterns are amazing!


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