Monday, January 23, 2012

Love This! - Clinique Black Honey

I'm a little late to the Black Honey party (like 15+ years late), but better late than never!  I just bought a tube of this last week (thank you Sephora Christmas gift card) and I'm all in.  It is gorgeous, it glides right on and adds just enough color to make you feel "finished", even on days when you don't/can't do the full makeup routine.  I love it!  And Clinique is adding a whole array of new "Honey" colors soon, can't wait to give those a try too. 

*No, Clinique didn't pay me to say this, though if they want to float some of those new colors my way, I wouldn't turn them down - lol!

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  1. I rocked that bad boy in high school! Love!

  2. Oooo! I must try this! Clinique is one of my all time Favorite makeup brands!

  3. Love Clinique! I use a lot of their products.

  4. I too have been wanting to try this! I will now!

  5. I'm so proud. Finally made it on trend before you :) Have loved this color for years -- always have one tube in the house and one in my purse.


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