Monday, December 5, 2011

My Five - Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012

Be still my beating heart, this was a lovely collection with fab, muted color combos that work for me (especially for Spring) and the shoes!  Here are my picks (with plenty of details):
Love the print!

Sort of has a Parisian Ralph Lauren feel, no?

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  1. I love the shoes!
    I have already ordered gold sandals for this summer.
    Loving all the gold & silver.

  2. i love the minty green/blue with white. just so fresh!

    as for the brow stencils...we have a tendency to keep shaping our brows according to our natural brows. we think the stencils don't fit our brows, when actually our brows don't fit the stencils. of course, the stencils are an "ideal" shape and should be adjusted to keep a natural look. my natural brows are a higher rounded arch. i like the petite arch stencil which gives a straighter brow with less arch. the outer corners lay higher than my natural, so i either pluck the ends, or trim them really short. when the stencil is filled in, you can't really see that my natural brow is still there unless you are right in my face. i even have to fill in some parts under my natural brow to get a flatter arch. finding a stencil that you like and try playing around with it. let me know if you are able to make it work!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  3. Absolutely love the shoes and the trend of tucking in tops to floor sweeping maxi skirts.

  4. I love the bold colors mixed with that fabulous shade of mint/seafoam green. And that pink print maxi skirt is amazing!

  5. I love thatnpalette. Definitely a fave collection of mine. Enter to win 5 shirts from StyleMint!

  6. THOSE SHOES - YES! And that hair cuff (or whatever it's called hehe)


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