Friday, December 2, 2011

Friend Friday - Christmas Wish List

I'm joining together with Katy over at Modly Chic again for FBFF!  Today's FBFF's topic is what's on our Christmas Lists.  Well, I always have "want" lists a mile long for any/every holiday/occasion, however this year is a little different.  I've already gotten my Christmas present. It actually was a combo Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary present from my sweet hubby - an iPad!  Now this was huge for me, since my husband and I haven't exchanged any present for any occasion for a couple of years now.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

I'm in love with this sweet little gadget (that has made commenting, reading and creating so much easier)!  I got the white one and bought Apple's smart cover in orange:

Along with a clear Belkin back shield compatible with the smart cover.
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

There are a lot of cute iPad covers out there - but I didn't want one that zipped open, that I had to pull the gadget in and out of (too much trouble and there's the added threat of dropping and zipper scratching), and I didn't want some generic ugly case.  I wanted something that stayed as true to how you would use it as possible, with little to no added bulk/weight.  So I highly recommend this combination.  The smart cover turns it on and off (hibernates it) upon opening and closing and the back cover protects it from scratching and impact.  The only issue now is that I'm now wanting an iPhone to match- lol!

Anyway, sorry for my lack of a proper list, but that's how things go right now.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  I've got to get our Christmas cards ready to mail out and I checked this book out of the library today to peruse for new recipes!  I'll let you know if I find any good (easy) ones.
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Make sure you pop over to Modly Chic and check out everyone else's proper wish lists :o)  See you Monday!


  1. Wish lists are more difficult to come up with than anyone realizes! Especially realistic ones haha. I love tablets but I know they're out of my reach for this year at least. Curious to see what recipes you find!

  2. lucky you. we have one ipad in the house, but i want one of my own!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  3. Yes the iPad is quite amazing... hope you get it!

  4. Great color combo. I yelled at my husband when he got the boring black cover for his. I have the new iPhone which is where I am commenting from now and I love it.

  5. i use the ipad 1 at work and can't stand it! i' glad the newer ones have flash and all of that.


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