Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Styling Request - Couple of Sweaters

Recently a good friend contacted me to get my take on how to style a couple of her sweaters.  Sometimes a new set of eyes is a great way to find new ways to wear something. 

One sweater is a V-neck, tunic style and the other has a cowl neck and kimono-ish sleeves.  Luckily, these are super versatile sweaters that can be dressed up or down, so it was fun!  I did a few versions for each sweater and I thought I would share.  First up the V-neck tunic style followed by the cowl neck.


  1. Excellent ideas! I would wear any of these.

  2. These are great. Love that last pair of ballet flats.
    I like my iphone so far.

  3. Great styling.

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  4. I want to wear every single one of these outfits! They make me want to go sweater shopping!


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