Monday, November 14, 2011

My Five - Chanel Spring 2012

collection inspired by water and the sea with lots of pastels and white (it almost had an icy feel to me).  Again, Karl please edit - it's very repetitive at times, I don't like the dip down fronts/puff out sides. 

Here are two things I think are important with this collection:

First - this iridescent, shimmery sequins (fabric treatment, whatever) - this is brilliant.  I love the turquoise/purple/pink way it catches the light.  Trend alert!

 Second - this motif showed up on several outfits.  A sort of floating part of a square/rectangle line drawing.  I think this is quite interesting.
Here are the last three outfits I liked.  Time to bust out the silver shoes/sandals again!

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  1. Love that pinkish dress with the silver sandals. Very pretty and ladylike.

  2. Love the 2nd one and the black!!!!!

  3. My fav is the last...looks more classic.

  4. I'm kind of freaking out over that pink dress. Amazing!


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