Monday, October 24, 2011

My Five - Prada Spring 2012

Hi, my name is Miuccia Prada and I LOVE a theme! 

That's what she should say about this collection.  As cheesy the 50's car theme may seem on the surface, you gotta tip your hat to her complete commitment to it and the details that went into it (hello shoes with tail lights!).  I'm not gonna lie, I adore the car print and the shoes.  I'm so drinking the Prada Kool-Aid...

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  1. I hadnt seen this. I am in love with the upcoming SS2012 looks and this yellow bag!

  2. I love it - drinking the Kool-aid too!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  3. It's totally not something I usually go for, but I love those car prints!! I think I'm drinking the kool-aid too :)

  4. SMOKIN'! i love my hot rods...and these are super fun! i seriously love each one...and the shoes...i DIE!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  5. Very pretty styles and whimsical fun details.


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