Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Five - Balenciaga Spring 2012

Let me start by saying that I just plain don't "get" Balenciaga some times.  I mean, I "get" it in the inspiration/design/story of it all, but as a woman who wants clothes for life, then no I don't "get" it.  See, I admire designers that draw from real life or living things more than art and architecture.  One can get waaaaay to intellectual for your own good. There has to be some warmth to what is being designed so it doesn't feel so unrelatable or distant. There's no doubt that Nicolas Ghesquiere is an innovator, he's a master with textiles and prints for sure but dude, help a sister out.  Balance, Nicolas, you need more balance (see Miucca Prada) - you don't need unflattering hotpants as the bottoms for a majority of the collection, you are better than that!  Off my soapbox now, here are some picks from the collection - mostly selected for color and print.

Here's a hat that is ever so practical - ugh...but loving the pattern mix of the dress.
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  1. Loving those tiger stripe heels!

  2. Polka dot shoes.....holla!!!! lol...Im really loving burnt orange and brown....great patterns too!!!

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