Monday, October 10, 2011

My Five - Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

Wow, just wow.  Sarah Burton has not stumbled once since taking the helm of McQueen - not once.  Is Lee directing her from beyond the grave?  Was she just so in sync with him during their time together that she just knows what to do and more importantly, what he may have done?  Sure, the collections since his death have a more feminine feel (obviously), but she still has managed to capture the beauty mixed with the (almost) disturbing - which is why I adore McQueen.  And I haven't even touched upon the craftsmanship and how extraordinary the constructions are for ready-to-wear.  Remember this is not a couture show, but it might as well be.  Here are my more than five picks from this collection.  First up the outfits (then stay tuned tomorrow for the detail shots and accessories)!

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  1. love that you can still tell it's mcqueen

  2. Wild, but wouldnt those last 2 make wonderful wedding dresses?


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