Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Shopping Fun! - Joan Rivers jewelry on QVC (on sale)

Sometimes you forget about good ol' Joan's line of jewelry, accessories and clothing on QVC.  In my opinion you can thank Joan for the bevy of celeb lines on the home shopping networks.  Her line was really one of the first and it's been incredibly successful, it allowed her to sort of "reinvent" herself after the falling out with Johnny Carson and her talk show went off the air (not to mention the suicide of her husband).  Heavy stuff right?  Love her or hate her she has managed to hang in there year after year and her tongue is as sharp as ever (but her face almost unrecognizable, please Joan stop with the surgery).  A side note, when my Mom and I were in London in 1998 we actually ran into her on Portobello Road buying vintage jewelry as inspiration for her line.  I was too shy to say hello, but my Mom chatted with her a bit and she could not have been sweeter. 

Anyway, the point of all of this is that there are some good deals on her jewelry to be had over at QVC.  Check out my picks!

Crystal Cut-Out Rose Pin - $23.93 (sale)

Chic & Simple Chain Link 36" Necklace - $21.75 (sale) - the clear version of this looks amazing!

From what I understand, if anything says "As Is" that means that it's a sample, return or something that was shown on air, it's not in the original packaging, not in original condition (whatever that means).  The trade off is that the prices are much lower.

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  1. I always like the teardrop look.

  2. Hi Sweets!! Thanks for stopping by my blog..sooooo nice to be back:)
    Love all the chunky bracelets.....!!

  3. I like the teardrop necklace. Did you say you were from MD? I have family there, Aberdeen, and my mom is from there.

  4. These are all such Great picks! I have some Joan Rivers jewelry from QVC that was my Mom's

  5. I have to admit, I kind of love Joan Rivers. And I had no idea I'd like her jewelry--but I do! That rose pin and teardrop necklace are my favorites!

  6. I'm totally loving that teardrop necklace!

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