Monday, July 25, 2011

NYC Museum Report - Richard Serra Drawings: A Retrospective

Contributor Laura Johnson checking in again with another exhibition report. Laura is a gifted textile designer and colorist with 20 years of experience who lives and works in Manhattan. Because we all can't live in or visit NYC regularly she'll be checking in from time to time to report about exhibits and other interesting tidbits happening there.

There's another show worth visiting right down the hall from the McQueen show at the Met. Richard Serra Drawings: A Retrospective is a wonderful show of large scale drawings by the artist Richard Serra. I have seen his sculptures quite a few times, and it was wonderful to discover that many of his drawings have the same physical impact as his large sculptural works.

Richard Serra is one of the preeminent sculptors of our time. He was born in 1939 and is best know for his large scale metal sculptures. His show at MOMA in 2007 was a huge event (it has been said the museum renovations were done to accommodate this very show).
Top image via Met Museum and bottom image via MOMA


  1. Great stuff! The MET is on my list of places to see.

  2. Thank you for continuing my art education! I'm not familiar with Serra's work, but I'm intrigued, especially by his sculptures!

  3. Very cool.


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