Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Five - Chris Benz Resort 2012

Oh, I loved this collection.  He's been hitting it out of the park with consistently fun, wearable, chic and colorful clothes (see my other Chris Benz my fives here, here and here).  Here are my faves, enjoy!

(I want this dress right now!)

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  1. Those dip-dyed white shorts are fantastic! And thanks so much for the sweet comment you just left, it made my day!

  2. I want those shorts tight now! Love this!

  3. Loving these chartuse/lime green colors. But the cut of those longer shorts would look ridicilous on my skinny legs.
    Oh, re: your comment on the mommy groups...
    I didn't click with any mommy in the group I joined at first either. It took months and I realize now I might not click with them as a girlfriend but as long as I click with them in our mommy styles they are a perfect match for playdates.
    And about the activities... I Plan most of this and it is quite time consuming. You have to plan in advance, notify the group, then when it gets close send a poll to see who is coming and when you get there organize a meeting spot etc.. It is a lot of effort but the kids love getting together and I enjoy chatting with other mom's.

  4. I absolutely love it all! So so gorgeous!

  5. This is such a fun collection, I love it! And yes, that dress is amazing! I'd take it too!

  6. You know I'm with ya in the "Lovin' Chris Benz Sisterhood". I love how he is totally original, fun, creative, AND his collection is unbelievably wearable, too. Great picks!


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