Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Row's New Handbag Line

I'm not the biggest Olsen twin fan, I mean they design some lovely clothes, but I'm not always thrilled with their personal style choices.  Sometimes it just looks like they throw on anything (and sometimes everything) from their closet.  I guess it's sort of a free pass when pretty much everything you own is a luxury item, people call that "eclectic" and not "crazy" - ha!  It still weirds me out that I can tune into Nick at Nite early in the morning and catch them as babies/toddlers/little girls on "Full House" - that makes me feel so darn old.  That being said, I'm actually kind of digging what they wore to the CFDA awards this past Monday night. 
Love the color mix and the texture mix each wore, both looks just work for me.  Take note of the bags, they are from their new super-luxe (read: bags that are made from exotic materials that cost and arm and a leg) bag line from their super-luxe label The Row.  The bags are gorgeous and have that understated elegance that I love.  Here are a few examples:

Classic Shoulder Bag

Day Luxe Alligator Bag

Metal Frame Lizard Bag

Doctor Bag

Twin Mini Ostrich Bag (get it? One side is one skin, the other is a different one, so it's like two bags in one. It's actually a pretty darn cool idea!)

Check out the rest of the bags and the interview with the Olsen's from Harper's Bazaar here!

Top image via The Cut, all other images via Harper's Bazaar


  1. As far from my style as the Olsens are, I have to say they definitely have a signature look which is all their own. I think their new handbag collection looks amazing. I'm sure out of my price range, but I love the shapes and clean lines (especially the ones they are holding). The classic shoulder bag is right up my alley!

  2. The new handbag line is gorgeous!

  3. Gotta love Harpers Bazaar.

  4. i love them, lol. i know their style can be quite erratic, but still...

    these bags are nice...i like the doctor bag. maybe because i wanted to be one, hehe!

  5. I'm totally with you--to me, their style is often "crazy" and "eclectic" doesn't quite cut it. But those bags are pretty awesome--I wouldn't mind putting all my school stuff into the Day Luxe Alligator bag and feeling like the coolest teacher ever.

  6. I love that twin bag, such a cute idea.


  7. I'm liking these bags. They have a very classic, timeless look to them.


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