Monday, June 27, 2011

NYC Museum Report - Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Contributor Laura Johnson checking in again with another exhibition report. Laura is a gifted textile designer and colorist with 20 years of experience who lives and works in Manhattan. Because we all can't live in or visit NYC regularly she'll be checking in from time to time to report about exhibits and other interesting tidbits happening there.

The Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum  is one of the best I have seen this year. The show includes some garments and many, many textile designs There are multiple colorways shown for some, which I found especially enjoyable.

Sonia Delaunay and her husband Robert were members and among the founders of the Orphism movement, which emphasized geometric shapes and the use of strong colors. What makes her especially interesting is the way that she was a female artist and a modern designer.

via NY Times
Her work included painting, set designs, textiles, clothing and furniture. She was also the first living female artist to have a retrospective of her work at the Louvre.

Here is a link to the NY Times review of the show for some additional information about Sonia Delaunay.


  1. Her work is fascinating. Thanks so much for the NYT link, too! I so wish the show wasn't over... I would have liked to catch it on a weekend trip this summer. Happy Monday!

  2. What incredible talent. Thank you for sharing a strong female presence!

  3. The Louvre!
    I dont know much about textiles but sounds like she was impressive.
    I love the Louvre.

  4. the garments and textile designs are just fab. i love the geometric prints as they are worn all out (extremes!) in the top picture!

  5. Wow. Thanks for sharing this! I love this blog. This stuff is right up my alley! Looks like an amazing exhibit. I wish I could go to NYC and see it.

  6. I love this--I'm getting a bit of a textile education here! I love the dot print, and it's so relevant even now!


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