Friday, June 3, 2011

Friend Friday - Vacation

Linking up with Katy at Modly Chic again this week for FBFF.  Today's topic is packing for a vacation.  Sadly, I'm not taking a vacation this Summer (boo hoo) but for the questions today I'll pretend I am ;o)

1. When it comes to packing for vacation what’s your mantra?
Less is more!  I try to pack the most versatile items I have so I can get more bang for my packing buck.  This is especially important when you fly now because of all the checked bag charges.  I struggle with packing lightly, I tend to want to take more than needed (especially if it's a car trip), however the older I get, the less crap I want to haul around.

2. What are your must packs?
My large black pashmina that I use as a wrap and a blanket, comfortable shoes, a large, chic handbag that can be used for hauling things as well as a purse, and last but not least I always pack at least 2 more pair of underwear than I think I will need.

3. What are you happy to leave behind?
Cooking and cleaning!

4. Any packing secrets that help you get everything into one suitcase?
Pack super versatile items in neutral colors that you can mix and match!  Also, keep shoes to the minimum, I try to pack a max of 4 pair depending on the travel situation.  Oh and rolling clothes does help fit more into a suitcase.
5. Beach reading… what are you taking with you to read in the sand?
I'm super behind in reading books.  Right now, I'm smack in the middle of Bringing Home The Birkin by Michael Tonello and I love it!  Next up is either The Help and Water For Elephants (those are the last unread downloads on my old Sony eReader) - I'm so not up to speed on current literature.

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  1. That looks like a cute book.
    I also try to pack items I really like. Dont want to get there and hate what I have on.

  2. I loved this. Great tips.
    Have to check out that book.

  3. hehe I definitely love to leave behind the chores as well :)

  4. haha, i'm the same with undies, and by rolling clothes, you can definitely squeeze in a lot more!

  5. We can wallow in our no-vacation sorrows together, because I'm not going anywhere this summer either! But when I do go on trips, I have such a hard time packing lightly too. I want to take everything!
    Oh, and I've heard The Help is great (it's on my to-read-soon list) and I read Water for Elephants and loved it.

  6. I just started reading The Help and I'm loving it so far... I have been wanting to read Bringing Home the Birkin, but hadn't heard a recommendation yet. I'll have to hit it next!

  7. That looks like a cute book! I agree that less is more when packing for vacation. You never know when your luggage will get lost or stolen.

  8. I have never been to the Outer Banks, but I bet I'd like it too. My brother moved to NC recently.


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