Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Outfit Post (and why I've been M.I.A. since Friday)

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for WIWW (what I wore Wednesday) for this outfit post, it's so much fun, check it out!  Anyway, here is my one measly, sad little outfit post - my first post since Friday.  Why only one outfit today and no posts since Friday?  Well, it's a tale of woe that started Saturday morning when the stomach bug that my girl had the weekend before (you know, the one I thought I had outsmarted by not catching) reared it's ugly head and sucker punched me.  And I mean hit me hard and fast and knocked me out for 24 hours.  It was not a pretty time my friends, not a pretty time at all.  Yesterday I ate three meals for the first time since Friday.  And I'm going to be honest, the tummy is still not quite right.  But enough of that gag-worthy talk.  Here is the outfit I threw on yesterday morning before rushing out to a Dr's appt for my girl - one that we never made it to.  Why?  I'll tell you after the photos:
Still looking a bit sickly, I'm sorry to say.
Tunic - Tory Burch
 Tank (underneath) - Target
Pants - J.Crew
Shoes (you can't see) - Payless

 Here's a better look at the print on the tunic:

We went out to my car to go to the appointment and well, the darn car wouldn't start.  It just sat there mocking me while I turned the key.  Grrr.  And I couldn't reach my husband since he was at the Master's practice rounds (no phones, etc are allowed in Augusta National because it could jeapordize national security or world peace or something like that) so we just cancelled and now have to deal with my car - fun.

One perk to being stuck at home for a day, I got to play catch up (though I still have much more catching up to do from the "lost weekend").  That is all for now, I was hoping to start up a new "uniform dressing" this week, but alas that will have to wait until next.  It will be a good one though, you will want to come back and check it out!


  1. I didnt know your husband played golf. I love to play but allergies kill me here.
    That tunic is perfection!

  2. Oh no!! I hope your day turns around and you feel better soon!!

    On a happy note that top is gorgeous!

  3. Tunic envy. Tunic envy. Tunic envy!!!! Love it! xoxo kiki

  4. Yup, that stomach virus was horrible. My family got hit with it last month. Watch out! The latest virus going around now is rough plus everyone is getting pinkeye. YUK.

    Love the tunic. Feel better soon and stay clear of pink eye.

  5. ooooh, fabulous tunic! i love tory burch's things...the fit is so flattering! sending well wishes your way!

  6. Now THIS is one incredible looking it!

  7. Great tunic! Love it. Yeah that stomach virus was wicked! BTW...we are heading down to Valdosta to see our oldest son before he deploys. I'll wave as we drive thru Ga! Hope your car is fixed soon and it's nothing major.

  8. How gorgeous is that tunic?! I love that print.

  9. That sounds like no fun :( I hope you're feeling better! That tunic is beautiful--I love the print!

  10. Oh my goodness your comment about security at The Masters has me cracking up! Love the tunic and hope everything takes a turn for the better soon :)

  11. What a gorgeous tunic! I hope the car issues are resolved lady!

  12. Sweet tunic! Tory Burch is one of my favorites.


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