Monday, March 21, 2011

Still digging these shoes...

It's been almost 2 years since this post and I still can't get enough of YSL's Tribtoo pumps - LOVE them!

Posting is a bit late today, had some technical glitches this morning, but everything is smooth sailing now - yay!


  1. I have skinny heels and these types of shoes slide off my heel. :(
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Hopefully my closet will stay in its condensed state. ;)

  2. I think those have definitely become classics! I think they look kinda funny on their own, but great on. (not that I've had them on, but on other people who can afford shoes like that!)

  3. Love the patent leather ones!

  4. The creamy nude pair is definitely my fave.. I just bought a skirt that would go perfectly with them!

    -xx Noe

    p.s. Thanks again for your sweet note on my blog.. so glad I made your day!

  5. I haven't been much of a fan of the double platform but when I see them on I like them! I haven't tried any. I have heard they are very comfortable though. Do you have any?

  6. You and me both lady...I was literally salivating over them when we were in Bergdorf!

  7. Love those YSL!! great post! :) im following!

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  8. These sky high heels are so sexy. Talk about making you feel amazing and very very tall!

  9. Weighing in on this post WAAAAY late, but I agree. Those shoes are and always will be H.O.T. They are like sexy cartoon girl shoes hot. Whatever that means. I'm a dork. You know this.



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