Monday, March 28, 2011

My Five - Gucci Fall 2011

Outstanding collection full of great color and color combinations, and the accessories, don't get me started - beyond gorgeous!  There were a lot of bold and bright python/python prints in this collection (just like at Prada).  I was wondering if Frida Giannini called up Miuccia Prada and had a convo about sourcing them together for a bulk discount?  Can you imagine?  (cue the fantasy music)

FG - Hi Miu, how's it going?  I was just sitting here talking to my BFF James Franco about "General Hospital" and it hit me - the Fall 2011 line should be all about python!  Not just any python, but brightly colored python.  What do you think?
MP - Obviously.
FG - Are you planning on using python for Fall?
MP - Obviously.
FG - We should totally go in together and buy it by the truckload.  I mean it's got to come to Italy anyway, right?
MP - Obviously.
FG - It's on then, I'll have my design staff contact your design staff.  Ciao!
MP - I've got to go buy some art.

I'm sure it would go something like that, in Italian of course.  I like to imagine Miuccia Prada being a woman of few words.  I hope you enjoyed this edition of "Italian Designer Dinner Theater", now enjoy my Gucci Fall 2011 picks!  Ha!

 The accessories!

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  1. HAHAHA!!!!BFF James Franco-I read that article too! This is great! That sleep depivation is great, isn't it!

  2. Your imaginary dialog is funny.
    I love the color combos they created with Teal. Great idea to pair it with navy and also with that funky army green chartuse like color.
    The yellow phyton print purse is super cool as well.
    Thank you so much for the get well wishes.

  3. Haha, your imaginary conversation cracked me up! And I can see why you couldn't keep it to five--I'm pretty sure I want EVERY SINGLE THING you have here. Those colors... the bags... aaghh!

  4. Loving the #9 shoe. I'm not usually a shoe/bag match girl, but I'd gladly make an exception for its pink and purple python friend to throw over my shoulder. The colors of this collection just knocked me out!


  5. Everything. Is. Gorgeous. I'm a picky person, and every look passed muster. Love the fancy python, too. -Jenny

  6. I am so in love with the teal combos. But I think that teal is richer than the ones I've had. It glows.


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