Wednesday, March 2, 2011

26 of 30 - Styling 101

This outfit is as basic as basic can get.  It contains all the items of clothing "that every woman should own".  Truth be told, you should own these, they do work, they take you from preschool drop off to a Skype call (where you have to look all professional) with ease.  So go out and get yourself some jeans that fit, basic white tee and a black blazer.  Throw in some leopard flats for good measure!  By the way, during my Skype call later in the day, I noticed how flat my hair was and I that should really have put on some darker lip color with the black blazer.  Any suggestions as to lip colors that look good with fair skin and red hair?  I have the worst time figuring out what lip items to purchase other than Burt's Bees lip balms.

Blazer - #24
Top - #8
Jeans - #15
Shoes - #27
Necklace - made by Mom (sick of hearing that yet?)


  1. Love basic outfits with a bit of flair! :) My best friend has your coloring and swears by this lipgloss -

  2. I agree--I couldn't live without blazers, tees, and jeans--and together they look so classy!

  3. simple and classic...and with a touch of leopard. love it!


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