Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Uniform Dressing 6:2

I know, I know I owe you all a couple of Uniform Dressing posts since I totally dropped the ball last week and I apologize.  Being sick will mess up some plans that's for sure.  Remember this month, it's all about the color red!  I'm going to hit you with a 1-2 punch of posts.  First up are some red shorts.  Shorts?!?!  I know, I  know, I'm jumping the gun, but like I said before it's been so lovely down here (and the 7 day forecast shows that by Friday it's supposed to be 78) that shorts really aren't that far away.  So let's get cracking with a little Spring inspiration.  Away we go:

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  1. i almost bought a pair of red shorts like the blue ones i just wore. i always feel like red doesn't match me, tho?!!


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