Thursday, February 3, 2011

Redefine Balance

My amazing Sister-In-Law/Life Coach has a brand new blog that just launched this week.  Here's a little about her and her work:

"I love working with women to create balance in their lives after they have children! I believe we can design our perfect life if we make conscious choices and if we are willing to examine and explore what we want from life. My goal with this blog is to offer women a source of motivation and to provide questions and fieldwork that are challenging and help you explore the relationship you have with yourself and others. I want to help you realize your potential so you can share your wonderful and unique qualities with the world! "
- Coach Gaye

She was a valuable resource for me when I became a Mom.  I didn't know how to balance everything and not get lost in the process.  Please pop over and check her blog out - each week she will be covering a different topic.  I'm super excited to see what she has in store!

Image via Redefine Balance

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jenny! I will check it out!


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