Thursday, February 10, 2011

8 of 30 - A Dash of Green

Good grief, I must apologize for the lack of outfit posts. My girl and I have been sick (nothing new this Winter) but her cold evolved into an ear infection (naturally) so it's been a bit crazed with major sleep deprivation. I'm happy to say that she's on the mend - gotta love when the antibiotics kick in and the fever breaks! So I'm going to be playing catch up and bombard you with some outfit posts to bring the 30/30 up to present day.  Brace yourself - ha!

Away we go...(are you sick of the leopard flats yet - they are my default shoes for sure)!

Necklace - House of Harlow
Bracelet - thrifted


  1. I wish I could wear green. I just look anemic.
    and ...never sick of leopard. EVER!

  2. Glad you are all on the mend! My son has been cranky today...which usually means some illness is lurking around the corner! Love the green. One of my fav colors! and love the shoes too!

  3. Jenny girls aren't sick again? I hope you & sweet A. will get some well needed rest and get better soon. I must say, you are looking like you just came back from a vacation. I love your choices and never, ever tire of leopard or is it CHEETAAHH...? I do prefer leopard myself..ha!

    xo xo

  4. I'm totally NOT sick of the leopard flats--in fact it's making me wish I had included mine in my 30! I love the green sweater and bold necklace--you look fantastic!


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