Tuesday, February 8, 2011

7 of 30 - Stefani Stripes and Denim

Stefani Stripes?  What the heck are "Stefani Stripes"?  Well, obviously they are stripes designed by Gwen Stefani!  *groan*  Sorry, I've got a cold and am working with very little here people.  The neurons aren't firing the way they should.  Seriously.  Anyway, this is a pretty old L.A.M.B. sweater that I really like, but don't wear a lot.  That's the whole point of the 30/30 remix right?  To figure out how to stretch out your wardrobe in different ways?  That's why I threw this sweater in, I want to push myself to wear it more and with different things.  Here's the first appearance.

Necklace - made by my Mom


  1. Great sweater, looks thin enough to be layered possibly. Like the animal print flats underneath.

  2. What a fun sweater--it's stripes in a fresh way! I love it! And I love it with the leopard flats!

  3. I like that sweater. I don't own any of her stuff but I love her line. Great necklace. I noticed a few more your mom has made in other outfits. I make jewelry too...not much lately though...but hoping to carve out some time soon to get back in it.

  4. I love this outfit--the contrasting stripes/leopard patterns (and aren't Revas just the most comfortable shoes ever?!) Also love the addition of that classic necklace.

  5. The colors in the sweater look amazing with your hair!


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