Sunday, February 27, 2011

23 of 30 - Turquoise and Black

Simple and easy outfit, doesn't get easier than a black tee and jeans - just jazzed up with some good ol' statement jewelry!  I'm a woman of few words today...

Neclace made by my Mom using a vintage brooch

Laser cut plastic bracelet picked up in Seattle (sorry for the crap picture)

Top - #5
Jeans - #15
Shoes - #30
Earrings - Mom (of course)
Nail Polish - "You Don't Know Jacques" OPI


  1. Oh yes, I definitely like black and turquoise together. That cuff is beautiful!

  2. Great jewelry indeed. I espcially like the cuff bracelet.

  3. oh...the cuff! love the color and design!! totally my style!

  4. Love the black and turquoise! Fabulous!

  5. This is such a great example of accessories totally changing a look--I LOVE it. Your mom does awesome things with jewelry!


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