Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 of 30 - Ombre and Ballet

The Ombre part of the title is pretty obvious, right?  This sweater was a major score for me a few years ago.  I worked with a super fashionable lady at my NYC job, we're talking lots of Hermes and Tods accessories.  Yeah, nice!  Well one day she asked if I wanted to hit up the Micheal Kors sample sale at his showroom a couple of blocks away.  Uh, YEAH!  So off we went during lunch.  It was the tail end of the sale so a lot was picked over, but there were some gems left and marked WAY down.  I ended up with this cashmere sweater (retail $695 - I kid you not) and a black linen tunic (retail $495) for about $80. 

The Ballet part of the title - well these Gap flats I got a couple of weeks ago remind me so much of my girl's play ballet shoes she got for Christmas that I might as well put on a tutu.  I will say these shoes are mighty comfortable (thank you Townhouselady for the heads up)!

Necklaces - gifts


  1. That sweater looks gorgeous on you!!! Well done. xo Mish

  2. Another great look--I love these soft colors together. I think I need those shoes! They seem like they would go with everything too.

  3. This sweater is beautiful and SUPER flattering!! What an amazing deal!


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