Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 of 30 - Denim and Stripes

My first outfit of the 30 for 30! 

Nothing says cozy like this cardigan.  I will have to restrain myself from wearing it every. single. day.  Seriously.  Part of the reason I wanted to do this challenge is that I tend to put on the same outfits over and over again.  I felt the need to really push myself to think outside the box, I wanted to find the "fun" in my wardrobe like I used to. 

And with the cardigan off!
Cardigan - #18
Top - #10
Jeans - #15
Shoes - #29
Necklace - made by my Mom (incorporating a coral bracelet my hubby gave me a long time ago)
Earrings - post about them here


  1. I'm always a fan of nautical stripes! And your necklace looks great with this outfit!

  2. I put several cardigans in my 30. It is hard not to wear them every day :)

  3. ahhhh! Looks great... I'm a little sad I didn't do the 30/30 this time :( excited to follow along though!

  4. Great first outfit. Like the camel color with stripes and coral is a nice pop.

  5. What a great winter outfit. Love it! :) Kiki

  6. I love your first look, it's so classic and chic and the pop of coral is so pretty!


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