Friday, December 17, 2010

My Five - Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2011

Oh man, this collection's color palette is out of this world.  It seems that DVF has a new Creative Director and I think it shows, in a very good way.  Not as many prints as you are used to seeing from DVF, but the ones that are there are very nice (well edited).  Did I mention the amazing colors and color combos?  Take notes and start looking for pieces in these colors and mixing them up.  What a great transition from Summer to Fall (heck even Winter to Spring)!  My many picks, be inspired!

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  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Wow... I love them so much! What fun colors!

  2. The first and second look are totally me!

  3. She is amazing! I love everything she does!

  4. Wow, such unique colors indeed.

  5. Okay, I know I say this a lot, but I think these are my favorites. DVF is a freaking genius. I'm drooling over every single one of these looks!


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