Monday, November 22, 2010

My (more than) Five - Ralph Lauren Spring 2011

Ralph went really American West for this collection.  Lots of fringe, big belt buckles, distressed leather alongside flowy fabrics and ruffles.  Beautiful pieces, if not a bit costumey at times, but I wasn't blown away.  Until I saw the accessories.  Particurally the shoes, oh baby there are some beauties.  The appeal is that they are rugged and chic, if that makes sense.  See for yourself at the end...enjoy!
Let the fabulousness begin:
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  1. I love the halter dress! Makes me wish I was going on vacation right now!

  2. Yes, love all of those shoes and the 1st white dress. RL usually impresses me.

  3. You are right about the shoes! I love those - and the handbags!

  4. Okay, if I wasn't drooling already with those beautiful white looks, I am now with those shoes and bags!
    And that's funny about picking up what the French girl said on the phone. I "test my french knowledge" (aka eavesdrop) when I hear people conversing in French :)

  5. Looks like Ralph has returned to his roots...and yes, loving the shoes!

  6. These having me pining for spring already - it's so dang cold already!


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