Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I want this! - Red Ballet Flats

I'm just heartbroken, a little over a week ago my one and only pair of red ballet flats bit the dust, they totally fell apart.  Of course I wore them all the time and they were almost 4 years old, but hey, you just want things like that to last forever.  Right?  Here are a pair very similar to what I had:
Jessica Simpson at ShopStyle
I absolutely loved these, but I don't want to run out and buy the same thing.  At least I don't think I do, I'm still trying to decide.  Here are some other options I ran across on my quest for some new red flats.  What do you think?  Have any of you run across some fab red flats lately?


  1. I have a pair of red flats that I have had forever and I love!!

  2. My pup chewed the toes of my favorite black ones. I spotted some at the mall I am going to go back for. Seen some Jessica Simpsons like these and loved them as well.

  3. I just bought those red city flats from the Gap along with 4 other colors.
    I love that they fold in half and come in a drawstring pouch that can easily slip in your purse to be thrown on for running around.
    My girlfriend and I were laughing and saying they were walk of shame shoes so I jokingly call them my "ho-on-the-go" flats.

  4. Definitely get a new pair! I have some red patent flats and I love them!

  5. I like your favorite ones the best -- might be time for me to finally get some red shoes. Haven't had any since the early 90s, for some reason.

  6. I've also been wanting a pair of red flats! I have red heels that I'm constantly wanting to wear, but don't because I need something more comfortable. I love your picks!

  7. Love those! What a great pop of color and comfortable to boot!

  8. I LOVE square toe Ballet Flats!

    I own a pair of black Mossimo that look the same as the Jessica Simpson "Leve" and they're almost dead. Using shoe shine can only do so much. I also own a pair of Mia in brown without the gathering that look a bit better but they apparently only made them a couple of years ago. Black and brown square toe ballet flat, in winter these two and my boots get the most use.

    I've seen the Jessica Simpson "Leve" in person and somehow the red looks better than the other colors. More shine, a little more classy. I'd go for those in red. I should have bought a pair in red when I saw them... Squared toes like that seem harder to find.


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