Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Weekend and I Love This! - Land of Nod bowl

Well the weekend is here, which means school for me (I'm so backwards)!  I'm going to get my computer looked at next week and see if I can finally get some pictures to upload on the darn blog.  It really should not be this hard.  Anyhoo, I found this post in my drafts folder from who knows when, but I still really dig it - I mean how cool is this bowl?  I know, totally not fashion related, but again, I hate to post without a picture.  Have a fab weekend and see you Monday!

Okay, I love this bowl so much I just had to share.  It certainly would make it much more fun to wake up and drag yourself into the kitchen for breakfast every morning.

Image via Land of Nod


  1. Can see why you love it! Its so fun!!!!

  2. That's too cute!! Good luck with school this weekend!

  3. That bowl is so cool! I would love that for my son when he is older! So much more entertaining than a regular bowl. :)

  4. Wow, that is a fun bowl! I agree--eating my cereal in the morning would be much more fun with that bowl :)

  5. That is awesome -- as someone who could eat cereal three times a day, I love it!


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