Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Uniform Dressing 2:1

It's time for another 4 week run of Uniform Dressing (more about it here), this month I'm going to address the uniform of many a gal, jeans and a t-shirt.  I've actually shied away from jeans since giving birth a little over 2 years ago.  None of my old, really nice jeans fit anymore (even though I'm basically the same weight, I'm certainly not the same shape, things shift and redistribute).  I'm now going through the process of finding well fitting, easy to wear jeans that don't cost a bloody fortune.  In honor of that, every item featured this month will not be over $50 - yay!  Here's what we are starting with this week:
Just a side note, let me say that I adore Mossimo t-shirts from Target.  You can't get a better shirt for the money - $8 a piece (but usually you can catch them on special for $5!)  I live in these and have them in bulk.  They aren't too thick, aren't too thin (perfect for layering), have a good amount of stretch and hold up to washing and drying like a dream.  Even when I could afford to buy "better" I always ran back to these.  Ditto for their long tank tops!  Anyway, here are two looks, I kept the palette really neutral for this week.
Casual and cozy (loving the bag!)

Stop by next Wednesday for more!


  1. YUP, that is pretty much ME and my uniform!

  2. I want EVERYTHING from set #2. What a gorgeous look! Did you see where I linked your uniform dressing posts last week? Love love love this idea!

  3. Great finds! I love the sweater and flats of the first look.

  4. Jeans and a tee shirt, what could be better? I love all these neutral picks too--especially look #1's sweater and #2's bag. So pretty!

  5. I'm totally into uniform dressing as well. It just makes things simple. My favorite go-to outfits are sundresses and cute sandals for the summer, sweater dresses and high heel boots for winter, and some variation on a silky blouse and pencil skirt for work.


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