Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Styling Request - Heathered Blue Sweater

Recently a good friend emailed me to get my take on how to style a lovely heathered blue sweater she had picked up at the Barney's warehouse sale a while back (hard to see in picture, but you get the general idea). 

She loved the sweater, but had run into a wall thinking about different ways to style it (we've all been there, right?  Sometimes a new set of eyes is enough to give a seemingly tired piece of clothing new life.  Especially important right now in this economy).  She's like me and really doesn't like turtlenecks (though this type of sweater is great with a turtleneck), so other options had to be found.  I should clarify and say I love the look of turtlenecks, but absolutely cannot wear them, they make me claw at my neck all day, which is so not chic - lol!  So here are the options I sent her way:

She was so happy and it got her wheels turning with new outfit options for that great sweater!  Yay!


  1. How lucky your friend is to have you to help her with all her styling dilemmas! All three ensembles are gorgeous though I find myself partial to the first. Love a good Barney's warehouse sale!

    xx Katie

  2. You KNOW which set I like the best. HA! And those skinnies that you have with our top...love love love!

  3. Love how you showed this sweater's versatility. I'm in love with the 3rd look--I want every single thing! Especially those shoes!!


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