Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Take: Ralph Lauren Spring 2010

Well, first let me say I'm going to skip an installment of "Uniform Dressing" this week and start it next week.  You see there are five Wednesdays in September and five installments of a uniform may just drive people (me) to drink.  My 2 year old has her first dental appointment in November so I need to save all my drinking time to prepare for that event. And since we are knee deep in the "Week of Chambray", I figured I would tackle one of RL's Spring 2010 looks I featured in Monday's post.
I think I read somewhere along the line that the "jeans" in this look are heavily beaded and the price is in the 4 digits.  Uhhhh, okay, whatever floats your boat Ralph.  They probably only made the one pair.  Anyway, I used this look as an inspiration point for three looks (and yeah, I threw in some leopard print shoes.  I had to).
Top and bottom-wise this is fairly true to the runway look.  Some may object to the chambray denim combo, I'm on the fence about it, but the blazer does help break it up.

I grabbed some sparkle with the chambray inspired color of the sequined tank.
Because you can't wear jeans everywhere!  A little more office friendly.

Runway image via WWD

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  1. I love these looks! Thanks for more inspiration on how to style my new chambray shirt :)


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