Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Uniform Dressing 1:3

Well, I went a little nuts with this one, I really wanted this installment to be a bit more about layers, but it ended up being more about a big trend for fall, military dressing.  We are talking army green, military inspired jackets and camoflage.  I'm not going to lie, I really like camoflage*, but in very small doses - a bag, a shoe, a belt, etc.  The tote bag featured in the middle look is from LLBean and I own it.  I've had it for about 5 years and it's one of my favorite totes.  It's camo, but not "in-your-face" camo, it's actually really chic.  Okay, let's get on with it (I love the "fancy" purse punching up the overall casual look below - the color scheme kind of reminds me of the Burberry "my take" I did a couple of months back):

If you don't like the camo top, then just switch it out for a plain t-shirt.

Next week, the last week for these pants, will be dressy.  Can you dress up khaki's?  Yes you can...

*note about camo, I'm talking traditional, old-school camo.  Not Realtree, please don't wear Realtree unless you are actually trying to camoflage yourself in the forest.  I swear down here in the South people wear Realtree like it's actual street clothing (and Realtree is addressing this with lovely items such as bikinis, ugh).  Please stop, and please stop dressing your babies in it with monograms (usually orange or pink - gah!).  Also, stop using it in your interior design projects.  When we moved into our house one room was decked out in Realtree.  Yeah, seriously.  STOP!  I'll get off my soapbox now :o)


  1. I need that olive jacket in my life!

  2. Love all of these looks! So great!

  3. I am loving all of these! Especially all the accessories in the last look - amazing.


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