Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Uniform Dressing 1:2

Ahh, well, I'm a little out of sorts, thank goodness I had already begun thinking about the next installment of Uniform Dressing before the computer got sick.  So for this week, it's more about bolder accessories, featuring leopard print.  I kept the same belt and bag for each look.  The first look is something that I would have totally worn to work (keep in mind I worked in a small, creative office that was pretty business casual, but I still had to be pulled together enough for any unexpected customer visits and not wear anything too precious that I couldn't cut fabric on the floor) but as long as the pants are pressed and long enough to wear with heels then they totally can work for a more non-casual occassion.

Next an option with a great statement necklace and lots o' leopard print!

If you haven't already, do look into buying some great leopard print shoes.  Consider them a neutral and don't be afraid to wear them with almost anything.  Once you have them in your closet, the more you will gravitate towards them.  Trust me.  Next week, I'm going to push these pants a little further with more layering, which will come in handy come Fall/Winter.  Stay tuned!


  1. Oh, I LOVE both of these!!! I saw some leopard print flats at Kohls yesterday... Hmmm...maybe I should go back! I love those britches too! So classic! :o) Sorry about your computer!

  2. Love the outfits you put together! I whole-heartedly agree on the leopard print shoes! Currently keeping an eye out for the perfect flat and/or heel :)

  3. Okay, so you're starting to convince me that I NEED some leopard shoes. Stop it, will ya!?! :)

  4. Love that tote! Can you come and pick my outfits out now :)

  5. So great! I have and love my leopard print shoes, and a similar belt as well...thinking I need that great statement necklace now too!


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