Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Tuesday

I swear, I think I've walked through the looking glass into a strange parallel universe.  Lots of weird stuff going on in my life right now - I won't bore you with any details, it's my own drama.  We are also preparing for family coming to visit this weekend (which may just mean a night out for the hubby and I alone, maybe?  It would be the first time we've been out just us two since last November - yeah.  Sad.  If you are lucky enough to live near friends and family who can take your kid when needed, do not take it for granted.) 

My post today is a bit of a random one, I'm going to throw out some unrelated outfits that I've put together, but just haven't posted yet for one reason or another.  A couple do continue the sweatshirt vibe from yesterday's post.  Anyway, I'll be back on my game here soon.  Enjoy!
Kind of reminds me of the Chanel Cruise "my take" from a couple of months ago.

Sweatshirt chic, baby!

I absolutely adore that Tory Burch necklace above, but at $350 I'll just enjoy the picture.  Sheesh, Tory you're killing me.


  1. Hope everything is OK with you. I like that necklace, too, but I'm sure you can find something similar for much less.

  2. Loving those wide leg jeans! Hope you are back to your regular self soon! xx

  3. Love these looks! These are so great!

  4. I'm with ya. Fab necklace, but too spendy!


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