Monday, August 16, 2010

My Take: Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2010

I mentioned in my post with my five favorite looks from Ferragamo's Resort 2011 collection, that Ferragamo is one brand to keep your eye on moving forward.  Well, I decided to go back and view the Fall 2010 collection, it did not disappoint.  It's chock full of lux, wearable, chic clothes that will get you in the mood for Fall.  I selected a look for a "my take", featuring (what else?) leopard print (maybe more cheetah, but that's beside the point). 
I mean really, don't we all want to look like this on some level?  It looks so effortless.  I approached it as a basic dark grey pant/black top ensemble, allowing the accessories to shine (and boy, do they ever - I want every single one!)  This is the sort of ensemble that makes me so very, very happy!

A fun side fact, when I was pregnant I wore a lot of black tops/black pants (mostly leggings) and then just accessorized the crap out of it.  The bulk of my pregnancy landed in winter/early spring, so I threw on long sweater coats/cardigans, tunics.  Whatever would work over the black foundation pieces.  I used to joke that before accessorizing I looked like a knocked-up modern dancer - LOL!  I say this because the mannequin at the top looks like what I used to wear, it brought back memories.  Talk about "Uniform Dressing"!

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  1. I am loving leopard for the fall! This look is great!

  2. Jenny you can dress me any day, but you must stop with the leopard. You are killing me as I LOVE it! If I could be spending money, I'd be snagging that jacket now & not waiting (please house sell) You nailed that look kiddo. You & I are in the same club now. The 'wishing real estate would pick-up' club! Damn recession / :
    Will be A be sporting any leopard this fall? xoxo

  3. This looks so luxe! And I'm still thinking about those leopard shoes!!!

  4. LOVE your take! That jacket is absolutely beautiful!


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