Monday, August 30, 2010

Let the "Week of Chambray" begin!

In Friday's post I declared that this week shall be the "Week of Chambray" and I meant it.  Now I sound all mean and crazed, but seriously chambray is everywhere right now.  Dressed up or dressed down it's certainly a trend worth trying (and a trend that comes and goes, because I remember rocking some serious chambray in the 80's, yo!).  A chambray shirt is easy to work into your existing wardrobe and I'll be showing some examples as the week continues.

First, lets look at some inspiration from (who else?) Ralph Lauren's Spring 2010 runway.  This was a strong runway show for him, very "Ralph" with the luxurious take on what you would usually consider working clothes.  Not, 9-5 working, but actual "go outside and get your hands dirty" working clothes.  Some examples:
I adore that beaded tunic/dress.  Anyway, you can see what I'm talking about - fancy!  Here is a sampling of  chambray (and lightweight denim) shirts I ran across, you'll be seeing a couple of these later this week in various looks.  Enjoy!

Runway images via WWD


  1. Love chambray! These are all great looks!

  2. While the second group is more my reality...I do love it all!

  3. I'm totes down with a week filled with chambray! Checkout out Old Navy now!

  4. Boy, RL sure hit the nail on the head with the chambray. Love it!!

  5. Does this mean maybe the chambray shirt I bought from Ralph Lauren in the spring is in? I think I've worn it once, but I love these ideas!

  6. amazing looks!!!!

    i'm finally back to blogging!!



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