Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy (fantasy) Weekend!

Gosh, I've never been so happy to see a weekend in all my days.  I swear this week has been one giant festival of suck.  Crankiness has ruled my house, my car decided it doesn't want to start easily (it's going to the shop Monday), hubby working all the time and mommy and toddler are kind of sick of being around each other 24/7 - LOL!  Luckily we are going to be having visitors this weekend and then Mother's Day Out starts up in less than 2 weeks - yay!  We all just need a change of routine and scenery.  If I had my way, I would be camped out in a lovely hotel for a weekend, dressed up and eating out (no cooking or clean up)!  Here's what I would love to wear for fancy eating:

And here's where I would like to stay (it's called "The Nines" and of course it's in Portland, Oregon which would be waaaay out of the way for moi - but again, this is my fantasy).  Isn't it just beautiful?  I adore the colors! (more pics in my post here).
Here's to a better week ahead!  See you all Monday - hopefully with a morning post that actually makes sense - ha!  I'm thinking that next week may be the "Week of Chambray" - check back in Monday and see what I mean...

Image via The Nines


  1. That hotel looks just heavenly. I am having a bad case of caregivers shut-in-itis, and am very grubby, so I'll just pretend I am there, too.

  2. I'm sorry mama. Here's to hoping you get a break ASAP! And I LOVE that obi!

  3. I would definitely wear this out for a night on the town! Especially that belt. Yes please!

    I'm sorry your week has been sucky--I hope the next one is better. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend :)

  4. Love the outfit!

  5. Hi Jenny - Seriously last week goes down as being the crappiest week in awhile. I swear it was Universal. Can't put my thumb on any one particular event but the whole sum of the parts just begged for a new week!! I wish I were near you to give you a spell from mommydom. Especially so you could wear that smashing outfit & do what your little heart desires. Little A & I could make playdough & then create art.hah!

    The Nines looks like an amazing hotel. I suspect you'd love Portland (if you haven't been). Like a smaller version of Seattle. So very hip, and charming; like you!

    Let's hope for a happier week for us all & I hope you will have had a great weekend with your visitors. I'm off to paint a friends masterbathroom. Why I volunteered for this I don't know? Ugh...

    Hugs to you xo xo


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